Heavy Duty Oil Filter FAQs

Q: What is the micron rating and efficiency of the filter?
A: The micron rating of a filter represents the size of particle that the filter can remove from the fluid passing through it. The micron rating should be associated with an efficiency or beta value to indicate how efficient the filter is at removing that size of particle. Any given filter will remove various sizes of particles. The difference between filters is how efficient they are at removing certain sizes of particles.

Q: What type of media does the filter use?
A: There are many different types of media that can be used in lube filters. Earlier filters used a depth type media, that type of media is still used in some filters today. Most lube filters now use pleated cellulose or cellulose blended media. Some lube filters in specialized applications use synthetic media (glass) or glass-blended media.

Q: What are the advantages of glass media?

A: Glass media has more uniformity in the size of the opening in the media, which can provide for better flow performance. Glass media also has more dirt holding capacity per square inch of media than most cellulose media blends.

Q: What is the service interval of the filter?

A: After-market filter manufacturers design their filters to meet or exceed the performance requirements of the original equipment manufacturer, for which the filter is applied. Therefore, the use of an after-market filter will not affect the service interval recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer.